Crickets are currently out of stock at our FL location, MS location has inventory available. Please join our mailing list to receive emails regarding restocking updates for Florida.

Multi Location Shipping

As we announced previously, Ovipost now has two farm locations: one in Labelle, Florida and another in Canton, Mississippi. Both farms are operated by passionate teams with decades of insect farming experience, and produce some of the healthiest feeder insects in the United States.

Starting this week, your order will be shipped from the closest location to your zip code. This provides a couple of benefits - 

1. Save on shipping costs. Shipping prices aren't getting any cheaper, so shipping from a zone closer to you will save you precious dollars.

2. Reduce shipping time. Less time in transit also decreases the probability of DOA insects.

Additionally, having two locations creates greater reliability and flexibility. When one location is out of stock, we have another farm to back us up and ensure your animals never go hungry.

When you place items in your cart, you will now see a new piece of information listing availability in each location. 

At this time, we are unable to ship a single order from two locations. That means if you order an item that's only in stock in Florida (e.g. superworms) AND an item that's only in stock in Mississippi (e.g. Adult crickets), you will see an error and be unable to add both items to your cart. 

If you would like to order both items anyway, and you understand that they will ship from different farms, please place a separate order for each location. We will work on a more seamless user experience in the future, but for now, we've prioritized enabling multi-location shipping features to save you time and money while delivering healthier, happier bugs.

We'd love to hear your feedback and understand how we can make ordering from Ovipost the best possible experience for you. If you have any thoughts or questions, please give us a shout!

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