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Hardy Cricket Farm Joins Ovipost

We have some exciting news to share. We’ve expanded to Mississippi! 

Hardy Cricket Farm is now run by Ovipost. We'd like to send a warm welcome to long-time Hardy Cricket Farm customers and take a minute to introduce ourselves.

Ovipost is an insect farming business that has been headquartered in Labelle, Florida (formerly Lazy H Bait) for the last few years. It's run by Trina and Tequila (above), along with our 18 amazing employees. We're big fans of using technology to reduce costs, improve reliability, and make life easier for our team and customers. We are tinkerers at heart, and always looking to solve problems. This means that we welcome regular feedback, listen to our customers, and you can expect to see lots of exciting improvements in the future.

Today we sell most of our insects as live feeders for aquariums, zoos, research organizations, breeding operations, pet stores, bait shops, and exotic pet owners. As we grow, we will also use insects to feed a broader variety of pets, including dogs and cats. Insect protein is a sustainable and highly nutritious alternative to many of the animal meats that are used in pet food. There's a growing trend that embraces insects for use in animal feed to improve food security, lower feed costs, and help the environment. We are excited to play a part in this trend. If you're curious to learn more, the Washington Post recently published a great article about insect-based dog food.

We are thrilled to welcome the wonderful staff at Hardy Crickets to the Ovipost Team. Hardy Cricket Farm has been growing and selling live insects in Mississippi for 35 years. The team's farming skills are top notch and we're confident that they will produce some of the highest-quality feeders in the industry.

Our farm in Labelle, Florida remains open and thriving, with plentiful crickets and superworms available today. We expect to begin selling crickets from the Mississippi facility in the next few weeks, with superworms available in January. Having two facilities means that we'll have a much larger production capacity, improved reliability, and better shipping rates for many of our customers outside of Florida. 

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