Work With Us

Ovipost designs automated, scalable insect farming systems. We are a team of farmers, engineers, biologists, and creative problem-solvers with a passion for insects and the environment. 

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions and protect critical ecosystems while enhancing food security. Our insects consume agricultural byproducts and generate highly nutritious protein that can be used in a variety of food and feed applications. Ovipost’s current facilities in Florida and Mississippi grow crickets and superworms for use in pet food.

Join us in building a new vision of sustainable agriculture using the almighty superworm.

Open positions

We have filled all of our current roles for Q2. Please check back in June for our Q3 openings.

If you think you'd be an amazing fit for our team but don't see a position that's quite right for you, please reach out anyway. We're always looking for great people to join us!

We periodically offer internships and invite new farm workers to join our teams in Canton, Mississippi and Labelle, Florida. Email for more information or to submit an application.