About Us

The story of Ovipost began in the spring of 2017. Co-founders Trina Chiasson and James Ricci met at the World Record Largest Nachos event in San Francisco, CA. Behind two thirty-foot troughs filled with cricket chips, Ricci was hosting an insect petting zoo. Chiasson walked by while talking to a friend about edible insects.

Ricci is an entomologist with a background in evolutionary genomics of disease vectors. He has reared hundreds of insect species and had been working on edible insects as a side project since grad school. Chiasson is a data visualization nerd who had built a data analysis software startup and sold it to Tableau. For several years, she had been studying insect protein as a side interest.

Ricci and Chiasson both knew that there were enormous unlocked opportunities in mass-reared insects. Insects are efficient at converting feed and water into protein that can be fed to pets, humans, and livestock. They can be grown in compact spaces, fed agricultural byproducts, and boast a rich nutrient profile. People and animals need specific amino acids to thrive. Our planet has limited resources to meet growing demand. Ovipost was born to help solve these problems.

Ovipost automates cricket farming. The Y Combinator-backed startup operates an R&D facility in San Francisco and an insect farm in LaBelle, Florida. The Florida farm, previously known as Lazy H Bait, has been growing crickets and other feeder insects for the reptile industry for the last 30 years. Ovipost is proud to continue serving the reptile market while building tools and technology to reduce costs. Our mission is to help insects become an affordable, scalable, sustainable, high-protein ingredient for broad use throughout the agricultural supply chain.