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New Packaging Design: Feature Breakdown

Here at Ovipost, we've been working hard to craft a better unboxing experience for live insects. When we first started in this biz, we put live bugs directly in screened boxes. Screened boxes are what the farm before us had been using for 30+ years, and it’s what most other insect farms still use today.

Over the last few years, we've heard a lot of feedback about the downsides of this packing method. Moving live insects directly from boxes to long-term containment bins can be quite challenging when they’re hopping all over the place. Without inner packaging, insects can easily escape if a piece of tape doesn't stick well enough or if the box gets crushed in transit. Often, insects will wriggle their way under box flaps, where they hide from customers and get stuck on any tiny sliver of exposed tape. Boxes with metal screens are also heavy—this causes some products to fall into the next weight class, which translates to higher shipping costs. 

Over the last several months, we've been doing a lot of research and development to design a new packaging style that we're very excited to share with you. Currently, we're just shipping 250 counts of superworms in our new boxes while we collect feedback from customers. In the coming months, we plan to transition all of our live insect products to the new packaging.

Small and Lightweight.
Many of our products don't need a large box for shipping, so we designed our new small box to be 144 cubic inches and just 3.5 ounces—about 1/3 the size and weight of our former "small box”. This design change will reduce shipping costs for our customers who order small-size insects and/or smaller box counts.

Mesh Bag. We researched a lot of bag options and chose a bag that maximizes air flow, prevents excess moisture buildup, and is strong enough to pass our insect "chew tests".

Metal Ring Seal. Instead of hand-tying, we use a sturdy metal ring that improves reliability and is less susceptible to human error, which reduces the likelihood of having escapees. Simply snip the bag with a pair of scissors to move your insects into their enclosure.

Heat Vents. It's a common myth that air holes are necessary for insects to breathe. Any cardboard box will allow more than enough air exchange to provide oxygen for the journey, which is why most insect farms (including Ovipost) ship insects in sealed, insulated boxes when the weather gets cold. However, ventilation is critical in hot weather to reduce heat and moisture buildup. Our new boxes are thoughtfully crafted to provide as much vented area as possible while preserving the structural integrity of the box. We've included vent holes on four out of six box sides (versus two out of six sides on the previous box) to improve the probability of survival if a box gets crammed between other boxes or flipped on its side while in transit. 

Strong. Our new boxes are folded like a pizza box instead of taped on two sides. This improves the structural integrity of the box, which allows us to maximize the vented area while upping the chance that your boxes will make it through the postal system intact.

Gorgeous. We're incredibly proud of the look and feel of these new boxes. The crisp text and elegant design aligns with our values and the level of excellence that we strive for every day. 

We'd like to remind you that currently we're only shipping 250-count superworms in our new small boxes. In the coming months we plan to roll out new medium and large boxes that follow similar design principles, and begin using the new packaging style for all of our products.

We'd love to hear any and all feedback on our new packaging. Send your thoughts to, or pop open a chat window by tapping on the green bubble in the lower right corner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • I personally only buy 1000 @least at a clip so I’ve yet to see the new packaging however I personally never have any issues with the 1000 count box I think it’s perfect I have yet to have a dead superworm and I always get them all out I will admit that if I was getting this box when I first started keeping reptiles that it deff could have been overwhelming Bec they do start climbing out as SOON as u open the top lol however if your prepared with your container to put them in it’s fairly simple that being said if I was afraid to touch or handle them I can’t imagine it would be a fun time hahahahah I love what u guys do and swear by u I only purchase my superworms with u and on the rare occasion I get crickets it will be from u as well

    Gina puma

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