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We want to hear about your experience. For first-time buyers, if you enter a valid email address in the feedback form we will:
1) Email you a discount code for $2 off your next order, and
2) Donate $2 toward animal rescue, education, and conservation efforts. 

While you can send feedback as many times as you like, sadly we can only send a discount code & donation once per customer. 

Each month, we choose a 501(c)(3) animal rescue or conservation organization to support. Our support consists of 1) $100 in free insects for the organization, and 2) A cash donation, determined by the number of feedback entries we received from new customers that month.

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This month's featured organization is Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation

Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation provides support for rescuers and qualified care for wildlife in need. We offer guidance for co existence with our wild neighbors and strengthen appreciation for nature through native wildlife outreach programs and conservation projects.

Ovipost is proud to support Sunrise Wildlife and has been providing insects to the organization since 2018.