Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee live delivery of your order under normal, non-extreme weather conditions when an overnight delivery service is selected at checkout.

Shipping Services Covered

The Live Arrival Guarantee is valid for overnight delivery ONLY. For most customers, this includes USPS Priority Mail Express and FedEx Priority Overnight.

USPS Priority Mail 2-Day or 3-Day Shipping is at your own risk and we do NOT guarantee live arrival when a 2-3 day delivery option is selected at checkout.


Our Live Arrival Guarantee only applies when temperatures are between 20 - 95°F. We may include a heat pack or cool pack with your order depending on the type of insect, size, and predicted temperature during transit.

Any order placed and shipped when temperatures are above or below our accepted range is NOT guaranteed a live delivery and no refund or replacement will be offered.

Reporting and Refunds

If you have an issue with an order that was shipped using a supported mail service during non-extreme temperatures, email within 24 hours and we will issue a refund for the lost product. Please note that shipping fees from the original order are non-refundable.