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Jobs - Quality Assurance Specialist

Insect Farm is Hiring a Quality Assurance Specialist (Canton)

Compensation: $30k-35k/year depending on experience

Regular raises for good performance


Ovipost designs automated, scalable insect farming systems. We are a team of farmers, engineers, biologists, and creative problem-solvers with a passion for insects and the environment. 

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions and protect critical ecosystems while enhancing food security. Our insects consume agricultural byproducts and generate highly nutritious protein that can be used in a variety of food and feed applications. Ovipost’s current facilities in Florida and Mississippi grow crickets and superworms for use in pet food.

Ovipost is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


  • Measure and document product quality metrics, such as sizing, count, and defect levels
  • Conduct periodic quantitative testing with third-party laboratories
  • Work with Customer Support team to track feedback, refunds, and complaints
  • Use data-driven approach to assess where to focus QA efforts
  • Track production metrics to ensure that upcoming product meets QA standards
  • Communicate with team when quality standards are at risk
  • Design and/or update QA processes, including standard QA metrics


  • $30k - $35k/yr depending on experience
  • Paid Time Off for Vacation and Sick Days


  • Strong computer skills. 2+ years of experience using Excel or Google Sheets to log and analyze data.
  • Excellent communication skills. Daily communication with the team using email, Slack, and in-person communication is a must. Some team members work best with clipboards and whiteboard lists whereas others are remote. You must be fluent in both digital and analog communication channels.
  • Ability to learn new software
  • Comfort performing Google searches when questions arise
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Highly organized
  • Team-oriented attitude
  • Not afraid to ask questions
  • Bonus points for past experience in Operations or Quality Assurance

This is a full-time position in Canton, Mississippi that starts at 8am sharp on Monday - Friday. To apply, please email with your CV/resume and a short description of why you’d like to work with us. 

We look forward to hearing from you!